Straight from the Beagle's Mouth - Petite Opera Speaks with Snoopy

Matthieu Peterson becomes head dog in Petite Opera's upcoming production

So, what is it like to be the Head Beagle, the Big Wow Wow, Joe Cool, and everyone's favorite Beagle?  Petite Opera's staff interviewed Matthieu on his newfound dogged determination.
Matthieu Peterson
Matthieu, congratulations on being cast as the world's most famous beagle.  Tell us, what roles have you performed in the area?

Thomas McKean in1776!, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm in A Little Night Music, and the Wolf in Into the Woods.   I also sing with the vocal group, Phoenix Company. The group’s last cabaret was a revue of Sondheim, Brown, Maltby & Shire entitled Love, Romance & Other Disasters.

Which role have you most enjoyed portraying, or are you most proud of and why?
I most enjoyed playing "the Wolf" in INTO THE WOODS because he's a distant cousin to beagles.

What fascinates you about the character SNOOPY?
I am fascinated by how versatile Snoopy is. He's a pilot, a writer, a puppeteer, a scholar, and of course, Joe Cool (the canine equivalent of "The Fonz" from TV's HAPPY DAYS). He approaches everything with such happiness and gusto.

What do you think the other characters feel towards SNOOPY?
I think that while the other characters can be frustrated with his unwillingness to "just be a pet", they secretly admire Snoopy's confidence and free-spirit.

What is the most enlightening thing SNOOPY learns through the course of the show?
Snoopy learns that while he may like to do things his own way, being part of a group of friends that believe in you is the most important thing of all.

How are those characteristics embodied in you as a performer?
Like Snoopy, I believe that my close friends and family are the most valuable asset I have.
And, While I enjoy watching a truly talented dancer like Fred Astaire, dancing does not come naturally to me. I have to practice my steps repeatedly. Snoopy is much more of a "natural" hoofer than I am...but I sure love it.

Why do you think patrons should come see this show over any other options they have for Apr 25-May 4, 2014?
This show has appeal for everyone. Those of us who grew up with the "PEANUTS" characters love the wonderful nostalgia aspect of it. Those who are new to Charles Schulz's world will get to experience the genius and joy of his "PEANUTS" creations for the first time. They tackle many of the tough questions we all ask, but they do it while celebrating the simple joys of life...and they are funny. 

Petite Opera performs SNOOPY!!! the musical April 25-27, May 2-4, 2014 at Mary Wilson House Beyer Auditorium, part of St. Mary's Episcopal Church campus, 306 S Prospect Ave at Crescent Ave (enter on Crescent Ave), Park Ridge, IL.  Call 847-553-4442 to reserve tickets, or purchase tickets online via credit card (convenience charges apply to credit card orders). 

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