FInd Love Again with That's Amore! Feb 16-17

Join Patrons who have found love again with That's Amore!Only 2 performances left!

Michael (Steven Arvanites) and Jenny (Susan Baushke)
Opening Weekend Patrons Loved The Show Opening weekend of Petite Original Productions' new musical love story That's Amore! really touched patrons. The company received calls from patrons who raved about what a great time they had at the production. "I loved the audience participation section!" ... "There was never a dull moment, the story just kept building!" ... "I was so much on the edge of my seat that the time just flew by." ... "This is such a wonderfully engaging story." ... "Very talented, expressive performers." ... 'It was a walk down memory lane. I swear that Michael and Jenny lived my life." ... "[Steven and Susan] have such dynamic acting and vocal ranges." ... "The band was a terrific embellishment to the story." ... "My friends have to see this!" There are only 2 performances remaining, so be part of the love story!
SAT Feb 16, 8:00 PM
SUN Feb 17, 4:30 PM Advanced Online Tickets:
When your grandkids bring you their dating problems, and ask you how you met, the answer is "That's Amore!"

Join grandma Jenny (Susan Baushke) and grandpa Michael (Steven Arvanites) on an intimate journey from adolescence through the golden anniversary years as they tell their grandchildren their story through flashbacks on their lives. Lives the comic mishaps and frustrations of dating, go on the couples' first date with them, and experience the joys and sorrows in a lifetime of seeking and finding love.
Accompanied by a terrific instrumental combo (Cody Michael Bradley and Jerry King), this original 2-person show features beloved selections from stage and screen, and even includes audience participation. 
The Mary Wilson House-Beyer Auditorium
306 S Prospect Ave, entrance on Crescent Ave
(part of St. Mary's Episcopal Church campus)
Park Ridge, IL 60016