Thank you to all who attended THAT'S AMORE

Petite Original Productions thanks all of its patrons

That's Amore!, the first production under Petite Opera's Petite Original Productions series, really touched patrons.  The company received numerous telephone calls and emails from its patrons about the production. Patrons were spreading the word and telling their friends about the production.
Performers Susan Baushke (Grandma Jenny) and
Steven Arvanites (Grandpa Michael) following
the final performance.

"I Loved the Audience Participation section!"
"There was never a dull moment, the story just kept building"
"This is such a wonderfully engaging story."
"Very talented, expressive performers." 
"It was a walk down memory lane... "I swear that Michael and Jenny lived my life."
"My friends have to see this!" 

Plus, a personal note to the performers from one patron stated that Petite Original Productions' That's Amore! performance ranks #1 in her mind as the best show she's seen in 11 years--surpassing 120 different productions by Broadway In Chicago.
Note sent to That's Amore! performers from an admiring patron
Touching the hearts of patrons is at the heart of all we do.

On behalf of the Petite Opera, its artistic staff, board and crew,
Thank You for attending.

Watch for exciting news of upcoming productions!